Katherine in Flaunt! [New Shoot]

Katherine is featured in the August 2017 Issue of Flaunt Magazine! The article features a gorgeous new photoshoot Kat did with photographer Graham Dunn We added 8 high quality photos from the photoshoot to the Gallery and we also added screencaps from the backstage video. You can check out the video by clicking below! Enjoy ^^

At the center of it all is Aussie breakout star Katherine Langford, who plays the show’s main character – Hannah Baker. When I sit down with Langford on a Sunday morning, I quickly sense how invested she is in her role because she feels that this show can really make a difference.

“We cover a lot of personal issues that are really relevant,” Langford tells me. “As a young adult playing a young adult I’m not ignorant of these issues. These are things so many people go through. It really made me want to tell the story authentically and truthfully to do it justice.” Read the rest

Watch Video | Screencaps

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