Katherine graces the cover of Marie Claire [May 2018]

Katherine is gracing one of the covers of the May 2018 Cover of Marie Claire. We added the high quality cover to our Gallery, and 2 high quality photos from the photoshoot! We’ll add digital scans as soon as possible!

On how filming 13 Reasons Why affected her:
“It takes a toll emotionally and physically…Even if you’re not going through these things, you have to evoke it. It’s hard for your body to discern.”

On how Selena Gomez encouraged her to connect with her fans via social media:
“I want to be able to talk to them in a way that is helpful. But I need to give myself the time to be who I need to be.”

On the best part of going home to Perth, Australia:
“I like going out in outrageous costumes and weird makeup. Being in the public eye, you get robbed of your anonymity, then if people take photos of you dressed a certain way, it suddenly becomes your image. The wonderful thing about going home and having balance is that you gain freedom over yourself again.”

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