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Apr 2017
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We added 1630 high definition screencaps from the award winning short film & awareness project, Daughter. Katherine stars as Scarlett. It was written & directed by Sarah Jayne. You can check out the link below and head to the official site, you’ll also find a link to watch it on demand. The main themes explored in the film are violence against women and victim blaming, shown through the eyes of

Mar 2017
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We added new production stills from Kat’s upcoming short film, Imperfect Quadrant where she plays Ruby. The movie talks about this once in lifetime heist the brings together four mismatched thieves whose personalities collide with each other. Can’t wait to see it! Enjoy the photos! GALLERY LINKS: Movies > 2017: Imperfect Quadrant > Production Stills Movies > 2017: Imperfect Quadrant > Promotional Posters Movies > 2017: Imperfect Quadrant > Behind